Mudita Bell

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A minimalist alarm clock. Combination of analog design and modern features that enhance your wake-up routine.

A clear analog display equipped with a warm backlight for readability at night. Wake up to one of 10 gentle melodies and a light enhanced alarm, or use the snooze option for a few more minutes of sleep.


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Why Mudita Bell?

Analog mechanism

Analog mechanism

10 soothing melodies

10 soothing melodies

High-quality speaker

High-quality speaker

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery

Benefit from simplicity

As an offline device with a quartz mechanism, Mudita Bell offers the comforting feeling of being unplugged, without constant notification or excessive distractions. Without blue light-emitting screens or overwhelming amounts of online stimuli, Mudita Bell can help improve the quality of our sleep, as well as overall well-being, simply by turning our bedrooms into tranquil offline spaces.

Acoustic tones and nature sounds for a better start to your day

Waking up in the morning can sometimes be filled with anxiety and stress. However, with Mudita Bell, you can wake up more naturally to carefully crafted acoustic music or the beautiful sounds of nature.

High-quality speaker

High-quality speaker

The 3W speaker, allows you to fully experience the carefully composed melodies and sounds. Mudita Bell’s sound is clear, natural, and undistorted.

Adjustable alarm volume

Adjustable alarm volume

Whether you consider yourself a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, it is possible to adjust the volume of the alarm to meet your needs.
Choose your wake-up melody

Choose your wake-up melody

You’ll be able to choose from 10 different wake-up melodies which is unusual for a classic, analog alarm clock.

Functional minimalism to fit every bedroom

Our main objective is to encourage you to remove your phone from the bedroom and experience the bliss of using a simple, minimalist alarm clock, intentionally built to make waking up more enjoyable. Mudita Bell is our version of a modern-day classic.

Subtle backlight with minimized blue light

In order to make the face of the clock readable at night, but not to disturb your sleep, we have equipped Mudita Bell with a soft and warm backlight (2700 K). Additionally, the intensity of the light is adjustable. A short press on a dedicated light button allows you to easily light up the clock face for a few seconds, while a longer press keeps the light on, creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

Rechargeable battery

We believe that there are too many devices on the market which need frequent charging. Not to mention that single-use batteries are harmful to the environment and contribute to excessive e-waste. Mudita Bell is equipped with a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery.

Subtle light-enhanced alarm to help you start a new day even more naturally

Your body is created to naturally wake up with the sunrise. Mudita Bell lights up gradually at the alarm time with a warm light in order to make waking up in the morning easier and more pleasant.

Snooze option if you need that extra time in bed

We understand that some people cannot picture a wake-up routine without the snooze button. If you feel like sleeping slightly longer, you have the option to mute the alarm and sleep for additional minutes.

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More Information
Colors Pebble Gray

Weight 240 g

Analog with 2700 K front light


ABS (common thermoplastic polymer that is easy to recycle)

Number of melodies 10

Max 3.5 W TDA speaker


Capacity: 2600 mAh

Type: Li-Po

Charging: 3-5 hours

Battery life: Minimal use (general alarm functions): ~5-6 months

                      Moderate use (general alarm functions + frequent use of lighting): ~1 month

Charging USB-C cable (included)

Frontlight (2700 K)

In The Box

Box includes

  • Mudita Bell

  • USB cable

  • Quick Start Guide


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