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OUTLET: Mudita Bell  


Own a functional piece of tranquility at a reduced price. 


Designed to wake you up gently, without the intrusion of digital devices, promoting a peaceful start to your day.

Outlet Mudita Bell alarm clocks have been thoroughly tested to ensure they're fully functional, but might show slight signs of use.


Lowest price in the last 30 days: $57.99


Current delivery time: EU 1-3 working days, NON-EU 5-7 days.

14 days money back guarantee.

Differences in color perception may be due to individual monitor settings.

Benefits of Buying an Outlet Device:

  • Fully functional with potential cosmetic marks from previous use.
  • Reduced price for the same high-quality technology.
  • Contributes to sustainability by reusing and recycling.

To categorize our outlet products, we've created three distinct category conditions:

Very Good:

Very Good:

Very good condition with minimal signs of use, such as single scratches on the casing, but no damage to the glass/display.


Good condition with more noticeable wear like larger scratches, light discoloration, and possible minor scratches on the glass/display that don't affect usage.



Sufficient condition with significant wear, including heavy scratches, abrasions and possible mechanical defects that don't impair functionality.

Analog Simplicity

Enjoy the classic feel of a quartz mechanism, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

Analog Simplicity
Soothing Wake-Up Melodies

Soothing Wake-Up Melodies

Choose from 10 different sounds, including natural tones, designed to start your day gently.

High-Quality Sound

A 3W speaker delivers clear, undistorted melodies.

High-Quality Sound
Adjustable Volume

Adjustable Volume

Cater to light or heavy sleepers with customizable volume settings.

Soft light alarm feature

Designed to mimic the natural sunrise, making your mornings more pleasant. This warm light gradually brightens at your set alarm time, aligning with your body's natural instinct to wake up with the sunrise, for a smoother and more natural awakening.

Soft light alarm feature
Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

Eco-friendly and convenient, with a long battery life.

Night-Friendly Backlight

A soft, warm light minimizes blue light exposure, preserving your sleep quality.

Night-Friendly Backlight
Snooze Function

Snooze Function

For those extra minutes in bed when you need them most.

Join the Pioneer Club

Join the Pioneer Club

Purchasing this product also gives you access to the Mudita Pioneer Club, where you can connect with a community of technology enthusiasts.

More Information
Colors Pebble Gray

Weight 240 g

Analog with 2700 K front light

Material ABS (common thermoplastic polymer that is easy to recycle)
Number of melodies 10

Max 3.5 W TDA speaker


Capacity: 2600 mAh

Type: Li-Po

Charging: 3-5 hours

Battery life: Minimal use (general alarm functions): ~5-6 months

                      Moderate use (general alarm functions + frequent use of lighting): ~1 month

Charging USB-C cable (included)

Frontlight (2700 K)

In The Box

Box includes

  • Mudita Bell

  • USB cable

  • Quick Start Guide


Standard delivery

72 - 168 hours


Free shipping with purchases over $290.00


You can cancel your order at any time before shipment.

You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. Please see the Terms of Sale for all the details.

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