Mudita Harmony 2 Pebble Gray - Acceptable condition

OUTLET: Mudita Harmony 2

Enhanced Sleep Technology


The Mudita Harmony 2 offers advanced features to promote better sleep. 


This outlet version has been thoroughly tested and functions perfectly, though it may have minor cosmetic marks, yet maintains all the functionalities to support a healthier bedtime routine.


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Differences in color perception may be due to individual monitor settings.

Very Good:

Very Good:

Very good condition with minimal signs of use, such as single scratches on the casing, but no damage to the glass/display.



Good condition with more noticeable wear like larger scratches, light discoloration, and possible minor scratches on the glass/display that don't affect usage.




Sufficient condition with significant wear, including heavy scratches, abrasions and possible mechanical defects that don't impair functionality.


E Ink Display

Features a clear, easy-to-read screen that shows the time and alarm settings, specifically designed to minimize sleep-disruptive blue light.

E Ink Display
Bedtime Reminder

Bedtime Reminder

To promote a healthy sleep routine, the Bedtime Reminder helps you maintain a consistent bedtime. It gently signals the start of your nighttime routine, encouraging you to unwind at the same time each day, which can improve your sleep quality and overall well-being. This simple tool aims to help you wake up refreshed and energized.

Adjustable Settings & Soothing Alarm Sounds

Wake up to a selection of calming nature sounds & melodies tailored to a natural wake-up experience. Plus, personalize your wake-up with adjustable alarm configurations

Adjustable Settings & Soothing Alarm Sounds
Custom-Designed Light

Custom-Designed Light

Our specially designed front light emits a soft, gentle glow at a warm color temperature of 2700 K, creating a calming atmosphere ideal for relaxing. Unlike the harsh blue light from smartphones, our light is crafted to minimize blue light exposure, supporting a restful sleep without disturbing your circadian rhythm.

Relaxation Library & Custom Audio Upload

Select from an array of soothing sounds or upload your own audio files for a tailored relaxation experience.

Relaxation Library &  Custom Audio Upload
Meditation Timer

Meditation Timer

 Incorporate mindfulness into your day with the meditation timer, helping you focus, relax, and find centering moments whenever you need them.

Nap Timer

Use the customizable nap timer to take refreshing power naps. Set it to your preferred duration to wake up without affecting your sleep cycle.

Nap Timer
The Essence of Analog

The Essence of Analog

Mudita Harmony 2 embraces the simplicity of analog controls. It features physical buttons and knobs, making interactions feel more natural and intuitive. 

The classic alarm button and easy-to-use rotating knob enhance the user experience, allowing effortless navigation and a touch of tradition.

Simplified Sleep Functions

Mudita Harmony 2 includes features designed to support a smooth transition from sleep to wakefulness. It offers a snooze function to ease you into your morning, and a snooze chime option to gently remind you to wake up without falling back into deep sleep. You can also customize these settings to suit your preferences.

Simplified Sleep Functions
Extended Battery Life

Extended Battery Life

Long-lasting, eco-friendly, dependable performance with up to 40 days of continuous use on a single charge.

Join the Pioneer Club

Join the Pioneer Club

Purchasing this product also gives you access to the Mudita Pioneer Club, where you can connect with a community of technology enthusiasts.

More Information
Colors Pebble Gray
Weight 230 g +/-5%

2.84” E Ink (600x480px), 270 DPI
16 levels of gray (monochrome)
Active area dimensions: 56.4 x 45.12 mm
Front light (2700 K)


ABS (common thermoplastic polymer that is easy to recycle)

Number of melodies 17

Arm Cortex-M7 600MHz


4 GB


Max 3.5 W TDA speaker


Capacity: 2600 mAh

Type: Li-Po

Charging: 3-5 hours

Language versions English, Spanish, French, German and Polish
Charging USB-C cable (included)
In The Box

Box includes

  • Mudita Harmony 2

  • USB cable


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72 - 168 hours


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